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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best of...

This is defeating Malistaire (again), but it got abruptly cut in half (thanks, Dad.)

Anyway, you might've noticed the four polls in the side bar, and they must be filled out by New Year! What was the best thing about the pet idea? Is gardening that great? How's Celestia? (If, for each question, you filled out All of the Above for everything, then you will be marked down as a Sorcerer. (Hahaha.)

It's a Wizzy Award!

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