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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st Anniversary

So when you woke up this morning you probably didn't realize that this is the First Anniversary of the blog A Spell of Role-Playing Games and Randomness (Also the 152nd post!)! So many people to thank! Oh, where do I begin? There's god of course, and, umm... *takes list out of pocket*
First I want to thank the Kingsisle staff, because if they hadn't created the game, this blog wouldn't even exist in the first place. To be honest, Wizard101 is THE BEST!! I'm glad they created such an awesome game!
    Next I would like to thank Aedan Thunderpyre. You actually haven't been being a very good friend lately, but I want to thank you for all the support you gave for this blog, and the help I got from you in March. You helped shape ASRPGR into what it is today, and you're really fun to play MMOs with, even if you do randomly jump into combat sometimes.
    Third I would like to thank  Valerian Seasong. You're really fun to draw, and you've always been encouraging me to try my hardest. If you hadn't been there, I wouldn't have been able to go through with having the 'green apples' ice cream. That's probably the worst ice cream flavor... ever.
    Now, I thank Vanessa Emeraldglade. Your wiziversary was really fun, and conversing with you in the game was pretty cool. Reading your post archives always cheered me up when I was feeling bored or upset, because your posts are really funny!
    Fifth in line is the blog Finn & Quinn. Your posts have always captivated me, and you play a lot of cool games besides Wizard101. Without your blog around, I never would have found out about a lot of cool stuff. One of those things actually helped me with this thing at school. Who knew my blogging knowledge would come in handy?
    Sixth, I'm going to thank Emma Dawnrider. You've been commenting on a lot of my posts since the start of the school year, and I think you're a really good author. When you grow up you should start writing books for young adults! Your stories are that good!
    Seventh I want to thank any and all of my followers. Except for one, because the follower I speak of sent me a website adress that led to photo gallery. In this photo gallery I saw pictures that BURNED MY EYES OUT!! But beside the fact, it makes me really happy just to know that people are reading my blog. You guys are awesome :)
     Last I want to thank all the other Wizard101 bloggers. You guys were a great source of inspiration to me, and you motivated me to start this blog, or as it was originally called, The Wizard101 Story. It actually kind of funny that in my first post I said that it was going to be a story blog, when actually it was a lot more. I would actually like to type in more stuff to say, but I have to go to a music lesson, but look at some of the older posts!
     Dawnrunner, out!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ask Caroline

So I went to my friend's house recently. BTW, my friend is nuts about Sailor Moon and Pokémon.    Anyways, whenever we meet up my friend always asks me, "Where did you learn to draw like that?" Yes, I've been asked a lot of times before. A LOT. In my homeroom. At my house. On the internet. On my bus. At basketball camp. At-- well, I think you get it.
    Another question I've been asked a lot is, "Why do you hate gum?" I've heard this one many a time, also. My mom asks me literally every day. Most recently Aedan asked me this.
    Oh, here's a good one: "Don't you realize that your singing voice is horrible?" Yeah, that comes up once in a while. Thank you very much, Eric.
    These are all FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions. Since I have nothing else to post about, I am going to answer all of these.

1. Where did you learn to draw like that?
    Whenever somebody asks me this, I usually say, "the internet." If truth be told, I learn from a lot of different sources. After watching 52 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, 107 episodes of Inuyasha, reading 2 volumes of Sorcerers & Secretaries, and staring intently at my friend's Ranma 1/2 poster for ten full minutes, I was finally able to draw Kikyō from Inuyasha, freehand. After that I learned a lot from other places, like I would try to copy pictures from manga I was reading, or examine someone else's artwork. That "critical eye" technique helps a lot, too, and also this website Manga University.
    Some of my blog viewers might be aware that I'm also taking an art class. Learning from different sources helps you develop your own style, I guess.

2. Why do you hate gum?
    Gum is really disgusting. My mom chews it all the time, and she sticks it in the most disgusting places. On her sunglasses, under the table, on my breakfast plate... one time she even stuck it on to my Rubix cube! I'm never touching that thing again!! Plus, I don't like the smell. Two pairs of my shoes have been ruined in the past by this substance, and people on the bus keep sticking theirs in my hair. Speaking of the bus, a kid I know on it does this really disgusting thing with his gum... *shudder*
    Point is, gum is the worst! That's why I don't like that girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

3. Don't you realize your songing voice is horrible?
    What are you talking about? My singing voice is melodious.

And, I believe that's it. In a few days this blog will have existed for a year.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey, I'm here to talk to you about one of the worst problems we have worldwide (besides apocalypse, Aedan. Yeesh.) which is bullying. Bullying can come from lots of sources. It could be hearing someone talking behind your back, or feeling intimidated by somebody, being physically attacked, or even as simple as saying, "Sorry, I don't want you in my group." Heck, I actually started this blog because I thought a world away from the bullies at school would help me gain more friends online, since I had a reputation for being kind of stupid at school. Actually, sometimes I feel stupid for commenting/getting involved with things online, and when people ignore it.    But still, if you bully someone, you should know that somebody might pretend to be unaffected, but on the inside they are hurt. More sensitive people might cry or throw fits, but is usually want bullies want, so they can feel better about themselves. You might think if you cry the bully will feel sorry for you, but the one time I did that back in 5th grade, the bully didn't even look around. Trust me, bullies can be heartless people sometimes. My mom actually quit her job in the past because she felt intimidated by one of her co-workers. What some people don't realize is that bullying can destroy lives, and cause suicide.
    They say that if you ignore a bully, they'll stop, but bullies will still continue, and their means things to say about you will spread to others. Once I smiled at a girl on the bus, then she turned and told her friend, "Caroline's smile is so weird. She looks like she's cross-eyed!" Also, if you're thinking about making those dramatic outbursts on TV where the victims take control of the situation by telling the bully to stop in a way that makes the bully feel bad about themselves, but seriously, real life isn't like that. The bully will ignore what you have to say if continue discriminating you. What you should really do in this situation is just tell your teacher, the bully's teacher, or the principal. One of these people will at least try to help out the situation, and the bully would be warned about their behavior. In a few states now, there are actually laws against bullying now. If you go to school in one of these states, and you tell an adult about the bully, the person who is victimizing you will definitely be aware of the stain they'll receive on their permanent. You don't have to be brave and heroic to stop a bully, but an adult would usually do anything they can to stop the situation.

    In other news, my mom wants me to design clothing that she can make. Mom's really awesome at sewing; she sells clutches, dresses, and clothing to consignment shops, and she runs a small business. She thinks if I make up clothing with my drawing abilities and she sews it with her sewing abilities, we'd be unstoppable.

Oh yeah, meet Chloe, my cartoon model. Chloe has been dying her hair pink since she was 13 (BTW Chloe is 16), she has green eyes, and she lives for fashion. Chloe is nearsighted and got prescription glasses when she was 8, but usually she wears contact lenses. She is an original character of mine, so she has to wear whatever I draw her wearing. For example:

(Oh, my SAI trial ended, so now I have to use colored pencils and Photoshop. But nooo, it's not the Photoshop you're thinking of, it's the free version people use to doctor up photographs.)
    Well no, this isn't such a great picture, especially since Chloe's left arm looks funny. But, yeah, she's wearing a vest. And that concludes our post.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Art Class

Well well well, who is this interesting little group you may ask? [Q1] Why do they have numbers floating in midair above their heads? [Q2] What will happen next? [Q3] What does the letter Q stand for? [Q4] What!?!? You just did it again!! What is the Q for?! [Q5] GOD!! Well, I'll tell you.

Q1. Who is this attractive little group you may ask?
A1. This group happens to be my Shōnen Anime Art Class. We're supposed to be drawing until November, every Monday. It doesn't help that everybody here is a Pokémon freak except for me. Figure #3 in the picture I drew wore a Pikachu sweater to our second class, which was a week ago. It was actually a cool sweater.

Q2. Why do they have numbers floating in midair above their heads?
A2. Well, it's part of the diagram, in which I give information on each person.

Figure #1: The teacher. I think he is in his twenties. He knows everything there is to know about anime, except I've read all the volumes of Inuyasha and he hasn't, which is pretty cool :). He is also an amazing artist. Once I asked him to draw Ichigo and Naruto fighting each other, and he did this really awesome picture on a dry-erase board . . . with a dry-erase marker . . . in seven minutes XD! His favorite Bleach character is Chad Sado, I think.

Figure #2: That is Alex. He has very curly hair and he is in my grade and goes to my school. He also happens to be a Shōnen Jump guru. He knows a whole lot about Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Hikaru No Go, Death Note, and, umm, others. His favorite manga is One Piece and his favorite anime character of all time is Goku from Dragon Ball Z. I told him my favorite character has always been Yoruichi. Yoruichi is awesome :3. Oh, and so is Shippō.

Figure #3: This person is a Pokémon guru. She has Pokémon clothing, pokéballs, figurines, manga, anime DvDs, trinkets, TCG, posters, and video games. I'm kidding of course; but she does like Pokémon a lot. It's hard to tell with these people. She is also the overall best anime artist in the class besides Figure #1. She can draw Pokémons and cats from the Warriors book series really well. Also, she's very nice to me :)

Figure #4: He is blonde. I don't know much about him, but he likes Pokémon, he is in 7th or 8th grade, and he's pretty good at drawing

Figure #5: Redheaded. I don't know her name. Only speaks when spoken to. Art could use improvement in some areas. Enjoys Inuyasha, I think...

Figure #6: Well now who is this extremely attractive 12 year-old way down at the end? That's me. I have been drawing anime since I was 11, and my favorite anime characters are Shippō, Yoruichi, and Toph. Enough said.

Q3. What will happen next?
A3. FOOD FIGHT!! *throws tomato*

Q4. What does the letter Q stand for?
A4. It stands for 'question'. Anybody who hasn't figured that out by now is a FOOL.

Q5. What!?!? You just did it again!! What is the Q for?!
Q5. What!? Where!?!?
A5. *smoke bomb escape*