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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello, have you been called a N00B in the past week? Ever been made fun of in an RPG game just because you said something stupid, or for only speaking in Menu Chat? Feeling down because you can't fight back against supposedly 1337 players?
    Well I'm here to tell you that those arrogant higher levels shouldn't be bothering you. With these quick and easy steps, you'll find yourself respected by higher-levelled players, even if you're level is in the one-digits.

For Starters...
    If you're menu chat, you might wanna change your chat status to open chat. It's not fair for other players to ridicule you to your face without you even knowing about it. After logging in on the Wizard101 homepage you can go to your account status and change your birthday, enabling you to open chat. Because you need to know who's saying what about you, because YOU are responsible for YOU.

Don't Worry!
    If a bully teases you or calls you a name in-game, it's not like your feelings are going to show on your character. Besides, in-game bullying doesn't feel exactly the same as really being bullied. Just don't run away, because the last thing you want is for the bully to feel satisfied. One of best things you can do in this situation is be oblivious, or accepting everything the bully says, like you could listen to what the bully says for a couple minutes, and then say, "Oh I'm sorry, I was in the bathroom. What were you saying?" or if the bully says, "You're so stupid!" You might respond, "Really? I never knew."

As A Last Resort...
    You can just ignore the bully. Put them on your ignore list, and you won't be able to hear them. Be careful if you try to report the bully, because then they might report you, and you'll be temporarily banned until Moderators start to look through the chat history. Also, if you're near, same, or higher than the level of the bully, it's alright to settle matters in the Duel Arena. If you lose the duel, just RUN AWAY.

-Caroline Dawnrunner

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Things I Wanted to tell You During Vacation, But Couldn't

This week was April Vacation, so my family pretty much went on vacation, so I couldn't post because my sister was watching South Park on the laptop all week. Anyway, I'm here to fill you in on what happened all this week.

Saturday Aedan and his brother Travis (who, in the game, was Travis Spelldust, but he plays no more) came over and we were looking around at the Blogger editor. Then, wouldn't you believe it, (oh, this is where the story gets fun) Travis DELETED THE DRAFT WHERE THE WHOLE CHAPTER OF THE DIADEM WAS STORED!!!!

Sunday I found out Freddy Cougar is actually Freddy Krueger. Aedan LIED to me. I didn't know Freddy Cougar was Freddy Krueger. I didn't watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I have NEVER watched a horror movie albeit two times, although Sleepy Hollow had a happy ending and the second horror movie I didn't watch the whole thing because it sickened me knowing Johnnie's parents even OWNED Pirahnas 3D.

Monday I went to New Jersey to have Passover with my relatives and I found out I had these cute little second cousins :) one is named Ava and the other is named Jordan and they're three and six.

Tuesday I woke up in a hotel in Princeton New Jersey ready to tour Princeton U with my sisters. The campus was actually pretty nice, although it was second to Yale's campus. They have this really neat library with lots of good college reads. It was actually more for Sharon to look at because Julia was already going to NYU, but it didn't help much because Sharon is setting her her sights on Yale (besides, Yale has a Quidditch team!) But you know they were charging for a Princeton sweater? FIFTY dollars! Doesn't wanna make ME buy a Princeton sweater, at that price!

Wednesday we finally got home, but I couldn't blog-post because Dad was on the computer going typetypetypetypeohhhImissedsomuchworkbeingawayfromhomeforsolongtypetypetypetypetype
ohhhIgottacatchuptypetypetypetypetype so I just watched TV all day.

Friday Mom and I went to the Carousel Museum in Bristol but we were literally minorities. I don't think the people working there were expecting to see an unnaturally tall sixth grader in the midst of kidnergarteners tightly chokeholding stuffed animals and staring at the horses. Did you know that carousels were first invented in the feudal era for French noblemen to use? It was there so they could practice Rennaissance jousting so that they could go to war. They would get on the fake horses and be given a 'lance'. Then a labour force under the carousel would make the contraption spin. On their way around the carousel their would be a brass ring just out of reach, that they would try to take off with their lance. On 20th century carousels the little kid who got the brass ring would win a free ride, but while trying to get the brass ring some little dudes got injured, so there were a lot of lawsuits on the carousel owners and eventually that stopped.

Sunday Dad finally left the computer, and I started writing this blog post! :D

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

And Here it is! (Partially)

We finally finished putting together the special chapter! Aedan and I thought we would divide up the chapter because if we showed it to you all at once, it would be a very long blog post. We kinda did it similarly to the episode Tales of Ba Sing Se from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but we called it Tales in Marleybone. The I'm just showing you the first two right now, because like I said, it would be a VERY long blog post. These two are both by me; one is sort of the epilogue from the last chapter, The Bed of Ice, and the second one is a story I'm dedicating to Valerian Seasong :D

Prequel: Melting Fear
By Caroline Dawnrunner

    I trembled, feeling suddenly cold all over. I felt a warm, reassuring hand on my shoulder. I turned around and I saw Rebecca’s faceless expression staring at the bed.
    “What happened?” I asked shakily.
    “Well, uh, you started whispering, ‘ehh, go away’, and then you started shivering and turning over. Then my elbow got really cold, and I, uh, realized the bed was turning to ice. So I unstuck you from the sheets and bed (which were all turning to ice) and I got you in the kitchen to get warm. I, uh, also started breathing on you, does that bother you? Naw, it doesn’t bother you, I can tell.”
    “Oh my gosh, really?” I muttered.
    “Uh, yeah,” Rebecca replied. “Listen, you, uh, should get some sleep. You probably shouldn’t sleep on the bed; sleep on the floor. You can have my sleeping bag if you like.”
    I thanked Rebecca and crawled inside the sleeping bag.

    I woke up a bit later with my head feeling cold and wet. I looked up behind be and saw that the black ice on the bed had melted. I looked back down at my sleeping bag-covered body. I pulled the cover closer to me, but I still didn’t feel safe.

Part 1: Meowiarty, the Crime Boss

    “You ready?”
    Valerian Seasong stared at me hard.
    “Yeah,” I said quickly.
    I stared up at the sign Big Ben. It stared back at me, as though repeating Valerian’s question. I looked now at the 1700’s style elevator with the intricate designs on it. Taking a deep breath, I stepped into the gauntlet and started the countdown. I heard Valerian join behind me. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1—in.
    The elevator stopped at the first floor. The doors opened and the two of us scrambled outside, but only to be attacked by rats! We leaped into combat with the first challenge in the tower. Luckily our turn was first. Whew.
    I casted a Myth Blade on myself and Valerian used a Fire Blade. Then the rats used those things I really, really hate—Weakness. Awful spell. They casted both on me. That wasn’t a good start. I rifled through my deck, looking for my wand attacks. There! Super Clash. I used it on the next turn I had. One of my weaknesses was gone. Valerian used a trap. One rat used a blood bat. Very injurious. The second one passed.
    Third turn I used my second wand attack, ridding me of the last weakness. Valerian used a Kraken on one of the rats, making the rat fall over on its feet and fade away. The remaining rat passed again. The next round started and I got a power pip. Yes! I casted the Minotaur spell on the last rat, ending the fight.

    “Meowiarty, finish them!”
    Malistaire vanished, leaving behind a puff of smoke
    “Omigod, he’s gone!” Valerian hollered.
    “He said something about a Dragon Spyre…”
    Valerian and I were on the top floor of Big Ben, which was inside the clock. You could see the cogs and the flywheels and the gears turning on the clock. In the center of the room was Meowiarty, in the flesh and proud of it. Next to him was the Agony Wraith (I think Wraiths are actually supposed to be ghosts, but natural definitions don’t work that way in the Spiral.) Next to the two was one of the constructs from Katzenstein’s Lab. All three looked like they meant serious biz.
    Valerian eyed the three nervously. “Nobody told me there would be THREE foes at the end of Big Ben! Maybe we should come back next time with a friend—”
    “C’mon, the construct doesn’t count! And we’ve come this far. Besides, do you wanna get to Mooshu right away or not?”
    Valerian grinned. “Alright. For Mooshu!”
    So we jumped into combat.
    “Caroline!” Valerian shouted over the music (annoying music I should mention—really pierces your eardrums.) “I’m gonna target Meowiarty! You get the construct!”
    Ok: He gets Meowiarty; I get the construct—no fair! I brought prisms—what if I wanted to fight Meowiarty too? He gets all the boss glory and I don’t. That’s not cool.
    So on the third round I casted a Minotaur and defeated the construct. The horned menace struck the damaging blow on the thing and then it started bobbling its head around, just like when you defeat a wizard in PvP. Not as exciting as Meowiarty falling flat on his face. Then it was Valerian’s turn, and he casted a 2k-damaging Seraph—on the Agony Wraith! How unfair is that? He gets both bosses while I only get the construct.
    So the duel went on. Valerian used all his Storm Treasure card buffs: Storm trap, Elemental trap, Stormwind… it felt boring to keep passing. Meowiarty attacked Valerian a lot, but he didn’t seem to really care. It wasn’t fair. He was all greedy for fighting the bosses and I got left in the dust. He’d been my friend for… how long?

    “Where’s the museum, where’s the museum, where’s the museum…”
    Since the week before I started Big Ben. I guess that wasn’t very long.
    “Do you need help?”
    Valerian. That’s the first time I met him.
    “Actually, yeah. Do you know where the museum is?”
   “Yeah! You can follow me.”
  Pretty much how it started. We’d gone through Marleybone side by side, from Hyde Park to the Counterweights. It kinda burned knowing that now he was being selfish when it came to beating bosses. I don’t think he knew he was being selfish either.

    Valerian casted another Storm Treasure card, but instead of it boosting him, I had a Storm Blade. Whoops. I thought he kind of deserved to make a mistake there. Then the next round came, and Meowiarty used a Minotaur on Valerian, bringing him down to 3 hp. Then he used another Treasure card—this time Elemental Blade. On me. I thought it was a coincidence that he messed up his buff a second time, but then he threw a Storm treasure card at me—Stormzilla. He wanted me to deal the damaging blow. He wasn’t so selfish!
    The next and final round began with Meowiarty. He smiled and used a Bloodbat on Valerian, dealing 75 damage. Not a lot, but Valerian was defeated. His head spun around like he was dizzy.
    So then I used the Storm Treasure card on the cat—the spotted yellow egg appeared at the center of the swirling vortex, then split appeared and unleashed the huge dinosaur. It hopped up and down a couple times, then blasted 6k damage at Meowiarty. The evil feline comically fell flat on his face, and the duel ended. I received the Mastermind badge, but Valerian didn’t. I kinda felt a little bad for thinking that he was selfish.
    Hey Caroline?”
    Valerian was whispering to me from Regent’s Square.
   “Sorry I died. You think we could do Big Ben again so I can go to Mooshu?”
   “Sure. That’s what friends are for.”

Oh yeah, and Aedan made this sick (in both ways) picture of one of the things you shold've been doing while you waited:

Dear God, I hope that Swiper's in there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You know what song I don't much care for? Friday. By Rebecca Black. Because it sounds like she has a runny nose throughout the whole song. I mean I heard from some friends that this was a beast song, but I just don't like it. Because she's like, "Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday." Get down WHAT? Her craziness? For another thing, it's basically the cleaner version of Tik Tok by KE$HA. Because this is like the first verse of it:
Seven am, waking up in the morning,
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs,
Gotta have my bowl, Gotta have cereal,
Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushing
See how similar that is to Tik Tok? I mean, look at the first verse of Tik Tok for a second:
Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy,
Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city;
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle a jack,
Cuz when I leave for the night I ain't coming back
See how similar they are? That's almost plagiarism!!!! PLAGIARISM!!!!

Also, in Runescape clan support has started. Thta means you can create ccs, join clans, and partcipate in rated clan wars. I am actually the fifth founder and corporal to a clan called the Blackerz.

Keep Counting!

-Caroline Dawnrunner

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Excuses For Why the Exclusive Chapter Was Not Revealed Last Night:

Aedan stapled his finger and we had to go to the emergency room
I had a saxophone lesson
My sister was harrassing me
Hagrid asked me to come to Hogwarts
I forgot to bring home my math textbook and spent the whole night cussing
I spent several hours working on Elemental Workshop III. And let me tell you, it can take that long. And I quote from Runescape Wikia: "Some form of guide (including the one below) is EXTREMELY reccomended as the puzzle can take up to an hour to do WITH a guide. Without a guide, the puzzle could take several hours!"
I became absorbed in Pendragon book 4: The Reality Bug
I became absorbed in Eragon
Aedan accidentally deleted our progress
Some people in the WC Shopping District were saying some really bad curse words and for some reason I couldn't report them (will NOT reveal screenshots)

Mostly truths about why you didn't see the chapter:

Aedan and I are huge slackers
We didn't even start the chapter until the day after the post about renaming the classes
I had a sudden urge to play Wizard101 right in the middle of it
It was past my bed time
Aidan had to go home at 8


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Countdown (NOT the quest)

You guessed it pepilz-- (or not) this is the Final Countdown to the super-special chapter of  The Diadem!
But it's not here yet--Caroline and I are putting it together as we speak and should have it to you by tonight or sooner. The week without posting was Caroline's continued efforts on Briskbreeze Tower--and a burst of adrenaline on this uber-special chapter. Of course, we would've gotten it to you sooner, but this was prevented by Caroline's issues with something about zombies and one too many outings on the weekends, (Gad, my life is like a sitcom) but we should have it to you by tonight, and thank you to the people who made the chapter possible!
    And if you're one of those people who can't think of what to do until a new episode of your favorite TV show airs, I made a list of things you can do while waiting:

Aedan Thunderpyre's Top 10 List of Things to do While Waiting For Something:
10. Flick through all the past blog posts
09. Surf other blogs
08. Go play Wizard101
07.  Steal the cookies from the cookie jar who me yes you couldn't be then who
06. Watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix
05. Go on Webkinz and say cuss words
04. Plot World domination
03. Watch Pirahnas 3D until it isn't scary anymore
02. Go to Shell City and find the crown
01. Walk behing Dora the Explorer in a Freddy Cougar outfit

But remember to check back to the blog!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days...weeks. :(
It's because I've been playing Briskbreeze Tower ALL THAT TIME, affirmed that I would win eventually.
But I still haven't.
Still have not.
But I throw in the towel. I quit. I give up. I'm putting my foot my foot down.
Because unlike some other people, I COUNT how many times I've tried and failed a boss fight, I COUNT how many times I've tried and failed a dungeon (The Labyrinth only took two tries because on the second time my best budz were with me >:D), and I have tried Briskbreeze Tower...drum roll...FORTY-EIGHT TIMES.
I kid you not.
Forty-eight times.
So I officially give up.
On Briskbreeze Tower.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Renaming Classes

You know, it's pretty regularly known that Necromancers are people who can reanimate the dead, and that Conjurers can summon minions to aid them in battle, thus how Myth and Death wizards get their game classes in Wizard101. But then if I look at something like Thaumaturgy, do we really know what that is? This game is mostly directed toward kids, but actually if you look it up, Thaumaturges is the ancient Greek version of a supernatural, but it's not directed toward a certain TYPE of magic. They're trying to fool people into thinking that Thaumaturges are Ice wizards??? This injustice needs to end! And what about Theurgy? We need some renaming to do here!

Conjurer, Necromancer and Pyromancer may remain. But as for the others:

Thaumaturge (Thaumaturges, Thaumaturge's, Thaumaturgy, etc.)
Maybe Tribeam? Or something? I's hard to find a name for an ice wizard. You have my sympathy, Kingsisle.

Diviner (Diviners, Diviner's, Divining, etc.)
If you've read the entire Harry Potter series (or at least books three through five), you'd probably first think of seeing the future. This is very true. So maybe we could say, like something like Typhoonist? Ooh, I like that.

Theurgist (Theurgists, Theurgist's, Theurgy, etc.)
Theurgist is actually like the Egyptian version of a wizard. That kind of reminds me of the Balance school in Krokotopia. So then shouldn't we replace the Balance school with a Life school? And then make Mooshu a Balance place? No!! How about Cleric? Yes, Cleric! Or Terra! Yeah! Or Inquisitor! There we go! Maybe Mystic?

Sorcerer (Sorcerers, Sorcerer's, Sorcery, etc.)
Sorcerers are pretty much like Defilers, they summon spirits to do their bidding. Are Balance wizards Defilers? Just the opposite! (The opposite is actually Summoning, but let's stick with the facts.) How about Paladin? Or Guardian? Or Sandsifter, because it's sort of desert-themed.