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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rebecca's Revenge

And that is for not including me in the drawing in your last post! SHAME on you! What do you have to say for yourself? Hmm?

That's all I got for now! Next post will be more eventful.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Milestone! And Twinkies!

This first thing is unrelated to the post title, but let's start out with it--

(Click to enlarge, it looks so much better that way. I'm serious. Ho-hum on the outside, awesome on the inside! My blog images are like twinkies!)

Yep! W101 ppl in combat poses! Aedan came over yesterday and we were talking about shounen manga and how the people in it have these cool action poses, so I tried drawing this picture and I wuz very surprised at how it came out! And I did this free-hand mind you! (For some reason I drew Aedan flexing large muscles, which is a big difference from real life, because Aidan (Aedan in real life) is a skinny person. And it's not like he lifts weights or anything. Nope. He plays soccer.
    Otherwise it turned out fine I think

Also, so far my top score in KIgames is: Tier 4! Best score in the world!!! jk

And also:
    The blog has broken a milestone: 10 Public Followers! *party noises*

Lol fror some blogs, not a lot a lot of followers, but for me, I feel kind of happy inside, because ppl are reading.
Of course it's a different story over here:

The other three are following anonymously. That's fine by me, nobody's forcing them to publicly follow.

Here is an idea I had for W101!

1. On the W101 Homepage in the Fun Stuff for the Community, there should be a How-to-Draw thing instead of Coloring Pages. I was really excited about this idea, and was about to publish the post when I realize that wizards just print Coloring Pages out to give to little guys. Still, I like the How-to-Draw thing

Why we SHOULD have How-to-Draw pages:

  • It's fun for people of all ages! You could learn how to sketch in Wraiths, Unicorns, Piggles, Dragons, RW Professors, and more!
  • Would help along the Fan Art page in Community
  • Good for Wizard Fan-blogs who don't draw much...
  • Something to do when you run out of subscription
  • More mature than Coloring Pages (But then again, Neopets does that)
  • Even if KI can't draw the in-game stuff, they could just hire some of the amazing artistic wizard from their official fansites.
Why we should REPLACE Coloring Pages:

  • FWI, W101 is specifically for ages 10 and up. I was born in 1999 so I followed the rules and waited till 2009 January (Of course some one-digit people don't like waiting, but it's not like there's a federal law about it or anything. You guys are fine). Another FWI: Most Preteens these days do not use Coloring Pages anymore. As a preteen entering 7th grade I am no exception.
  • KI doesn't actually spend a lot of time on the Coloring Pages anyway. There are only like 4 drawing to color in, and are entirely unethical to Free-to-Play members of all levels. Trust me, the How-to-Draw thing is a big improvement for everybody.
  • Some younger wizards unfortunately don't have a printer in their house, so they can't really use it for printing the pages. Cuz, you know, they don't have one.
Bye byes for now!
--Caroline Dawnrunner

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Things to Gloss Over...

 Post Prelude:
RANDOM PICTURE(s) TIME!!! Theme: Half and Half

Lol NOT the best picture I've ever done

Aaaand another graphic novel by Rumiko Takahashi

Actual Post:

First off,  I did not have the Random House Party yet. I made the decision to let it wait for a bit.

Yep, page 2 of The Legend of the Great Weapon! (click to enlarge)

Also, I was playing KI Freegames yesterday, and I reached Tier 4 in Doodle Doug! Amazing! 0.0

KI games is fun and easy to get good in-game rewards like household stuff and pets. Unfortunately I only started playing last night, so I haven't gotten many rewards so far.
    Also, I discovered another blog which I have started following. It's called A Drawing of a Dork's Life, and it's about a Blogger who draws anime, and plays Neopets too! Also does the color-coded character narration (see Evilly Plotting Random House Party). She's REALLY good at it! And so is Alia Lotuspetal! yes I saw the post, 'YOU ALL HAVE PICKLES UNDER YOUR EYEBROWS'

And...yeah. That's it.
    Oh wait one more thing:

    Oh well I did promise fish and ice cweam

Monday, July 25, 2011

Basketball Camp!

Tuesday through Friday this week I go to basketball camp at a local college! Hooray!

More next post.
Sorry, this one is kind of short, but in the next one I have promises of Fan Art, Comic art, Random House Party Aftermath, and fish and ice cweam.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Evilly Plotting For Random House Party!

Deep in the depths of of the neopot39 W101 account's inner sanctum:

We must keep this evil random house party idea extremely confidential. What is your plan of action, Lieutenant Duskglade?

I have discovered new household items in the Crowns Shop. They are selling these for gold. I have decided to buy the Blue Silk Kimono.
Nyeh heh heh! They indeed play right into our hands, General Dawnrunner!
Hush now Corporal Day! Or other people might find out! I believe even now this is being posted on a W101 fanblog somewhere!

Decided to randomly look at the Crowns shop (even though I never have crowns) And find they are selling house items for gold! So now I plan for a random house party.


Special Necromancer WC pic of Cassandra Day! special thanks to Thomas Wildwhisper, who showed me that two determined Journeymen wizards can do the work of three Master wizards.

Also, about the last chapter of the Diadem:
Yep, Travis is Aedan's brother in real life! Before I started The Diadem, Aedan asked his brother to play W101 with him, but unfortunately Aedan's computer had a virus at the time so he couldn't play with Travis, so Travis just played W101 on his laptop, but when he got to MB, he stopped playing because he didn't like the fact that there were so many side quests and stopped playing. I guess that kind of got Aedan ticked off, so we agreed to make him an antagonist. Don't get me wrong, Aedan and Travis get along fine, but Aedan just wanted it to be like that for the story. Don't judge him.

peaking of the Diadem, I updated the main page for it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic Part 1

Yep and here it is:

(Click on the pic to enlarge)
No I didn't do a very good job with the scanner -_- But hopefully you like it!
   Also, here's that chapter of The Diadem I've been inconveniently taking three months to write Lol.
But first:

When the dracopyre stalks its prey, it usually acts weird before attacking its next victim.

The Diadem: The Betrayal
by Caroline Dawnrunner

    “The Diadem…”
    I opened my eyes, but I had to squint, because I was blinded by what I saw.
    What I saw was pure white.
    Eggshell white. Snow white. Whatever you want to call it.
    Well I was wondering where the heck I was when some of the white fell on my face. What was up with that? Did the ceiling have wet paint on it?
    Then another drop fell on my face. Then another and another. Each drop melted after it touched me. Then I realized that it was snowing.
    I tried to get up, but my whole body was numb. Even so, I managed to get into a sitting position. From where I sat, I looked out upon a snowy landscape. It looked perfectly white, with snow falling from the sky…
    But a dark figure trudged against the blizzard. It stood out against the almost perfect white like a firework on a cloudy night. Especially since the figure was coming towards me. The figure trudged onward, not stopping. It had something to say to me and seemed to really want to if it was pushing against the blizzard so hard. It might’ve just been me, but the dark figure seemed eerie somehow. In my chest, my heart went, thump! Thump! Thump!
    The dark figure stopped a few yards away from where I sat. There was silence, then:
    “If you give me the diadem, I will let you live.”
    Even though the dark figure was still vague-looking from here, I could recognize the harsh, icy voice anywhere. I knew immediately who it was.
    And I was still scared of that woman.
    My heart was almost beating out of my chest just by hearing her. But now she was pausing, waiting for me to say something. Even though it must’ve been 50 degrees below, I felt sweat running down my face. I opened my mouth and out came:
    Even though I couldn’t see her, I could tell the lady raised an eyebrow. It was just instinctive.
    “No,” I said, gaining confidence, “I won’t give you the diadem, because you’ll probably just use it for evil. And even if I DID find it, you’d never find out about it.”
    I tried to stand up with that final word, but my legs were too stiff. All that happened was that I slid across the iced-over snow a little, then toppled over, giving myself a faceful of ice chips and snow.
    The woman laughed a little. It might’ve been because of my clumsiness, or something else, but she replied to my words, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Caroline Dawnrunner. You see, there is a traitor in your midst.”
    With those last words, everything around me turned to inky blackness, which startled me just as much as the pure white. All was silent. Then—
    Bi-beep! Bi-beep! Bi-beep!
    I slammed my hand on the snooze button for my alarm clock.
    “Caroline! Breakfast!” Mom yelled from the kitchen.
    I blinked a little to help my eyes adjust to the semidarkness of my room. Of course it was 7 o’ clock, when I get ready to go to school in Ravenwood.
    I remembered what the woman had said in my dream. “There is a traitor in your midst.” What did she mean by that? I thought as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
    Oh yeah, and when I say ‘she’, of course I’m talking about the Cold Master.

    While I walked to school that morning with Rebecca, I was still contemplating the Cold Master’s words. There was a traitor in my midst? Who? Could she mean Rebecca Duskglade? No, I could never suspect someone like her. She was too kind and innocent to ever be some sort of antagonist. Speaking of her, Rebecca certainly looked suspicious since I was being so silent on our walk to school. She glanced at me with a smile when I started being talkative again, and I returned the smile. No, I could trust Rebecca.
    But everything plummeted downhill when we reached Ravenwood.
    “Hey Caroline! Hey Rebecca!”
    Aedan Thunderpyre waved at us from the Torrence tree.
    With my dream from the night before still on the brain, I thought about Aedan being the possible traitor. Could he possibly be working for the Cold Master incognito?
    And that lit the fuse.
    Aedan had to be the traitor! All the evidence pointed to him! Every time he had acted weird, or was absent from the rest of us, or tried to be absent, or whatever, he could’ve been reporting to that woman! When he saved us from the Colossus on, um, Colossus Boulevard, it might’ve just been a sham so he could hang around us.
    “Oh hey Aedan!” Rebecca responded with a warm smile.
    “H-hey Aedan,” I stuttered, suddenly not as confident as I was before. Was Aedan the silly tween kid he seemed like on the outside? Did he know that I was thinking of him as a traitor?
    Rebecca seemed to notice that the color was draining out of my face. Aedan seemed oblivious to it, but he might’ve just been pretending. Rebecca, however, pulled me away from him so we could talk in private behind Blossom.
    “What’s wrong?” Rebecca hissed. “You’ve been acting different today.”
    I tried to stall for a little bit, but I ended up spilling the beans on my dream and what I thought about Aedan.
    “Oh,” Rebecca said after my big explanation. The color had drained from her face, too, like I was spreading a virus.
    “So I don’t know what to do now!” I finished. “Should we avoid him from now on or something?”
    There was silence. A minute passed, then two. Finally:
    “Let me handle this,” Rebecca announced.
    “You?” I asked, with a little hysteria in my voice. “But why—”
    “Just let me handle it!” Rebecca said, sounding a little paranoid.
    We came out from behind the tree to find the area around Bartelby empty. Which meant everybody was in class.
    “Oh, crud, we’re late for class!” I realized. “Professor Drake is so gonna give me detention! He won’t hold back!”
    And with that I sprinted over to the Myth school.

    After the first period was over, I walked over to the Life school for second period, but I didn’t spot Rebecca  walking to Nightside from there. In fact I didn’t see Rebecca or Aidan until the end of the day, when I was walking around Bartleby. When I passed by the Ice Tower, I heard muffled noises coming from inside. Voices. Curious, I tried to listen to the conversation through the keyhole. After listening for a little bit, I had an idea of what was going on. One of them I wasn’t sure who it belonged to, and one was Aedan’s voice!
    I pushed open the door and I sure enough I found Aedan Thunderpyre. He was standing with a tall female  person.
    A female person I knew all too well.
    “Rebecca? Why are you in here with Aedan?” I asked. “Were you skipping class with him?”
    Not what you were expecting, was it? Neither was I at the time.
    “Caroline, Aedan wants to tell you something,” Rebecca stated. I had a good idea of what it was about.
    “Caroline,” Aedan stepped forward. “Rebecca told what you thought about me, and I have to say, it’s not true. I would never betray you guys for that evil Thaumaturge lady.”
    When Aedan spoke, I could hear the truth in his voice. He sounded much more grown up that he usually acted. It sounded almost laughable to suspect that he would be a traitor.
    “Yeah,” I admitted. “It feels kind of stupid now that I think about it.”
    “Well then,” Aedan said, “Let’s just put this behind us then.”
    I smiled at him, then opened the door of the Ice Tower back into Ravenwood, then almost jumped back.
    Travis Spelldust was walking over to the Commons and was only feet away from the door. Luckily he took no notice of us as he walked past the door with his head down.
    “Eee!” I squealed. “That creep was right there!”
    “Oh yeah,” Aedan said, sounding like he was about to confess something. “Just so you know, that ‘creep’ is my brother.”
    Rebecca and I stood there, shell-shocked.
    “B-but I’m not proud of it!” he added, choking on his words.
    I sighed. Travis didn’t seem to have a single friend anyways. I almost felt sorry for the guy.
    “Shall we go?”

Oh yeah and I decided that the webcomic will be PART of the Diadem that happens after The Betrayal. It looks like Valerian IS in the fanfic after all! :D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Manga... Becomes Animated!

Yes! I animated the manga I did! (Takes a while to load refresh the page once and it should come on) It's a manga animation! Ani-Manga!

Inuyasha Ani-manga from VIZ! Not as authentic but in full color.


I dug up an old screenshot of Val and Cassie when Valerian was a Novice Necro

Indeed indeed!

And yesterday I randomly bought the Equilateral Hammer thing! Hoorah! :D

Aaaand lastly here is the prologue to The Legend of the Great Weapon:

    It was a warm, sunny day in Wizard City. It was the kind of day that Dworgyn would get off his butt and go out into the Commons for some air, or student wizards would eagerly do their questing, and even a day that Professor Drake would quietly do his work sitting on the steps of the Myth Tower where the sunlight filtering through Bartelby's branches could reach him.
    For Caroline Dawnrunner, it was a good day to go to the library!
    I set off at a brisk pace from my house near the Fairgrounds. While a cool breeze played over my face, I ran around the side of the lake, past the Pet Pavilion, and opened the heavy doors to the place.
    In the Myth section of the library I found a book called The Legend of the Great Three Spirit Wizards. It told about three powerful wizards during the Titan wars. They based their magic on the Mind, Body, and Soul: Life, Myth and Death. I was about to turn a page when a voice tore through the silence:

Um, yes, that's it.
Soon this page will be filled with pictures!

Till next time!
-Caroline Dawnrunner

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calligraphy Pen Test Run

This morning I woke up and I thought to meself: I should probably check The Fearless Fire Wizard blog to see if she's made a new post yet, but she probably hast so I'll just look at the Blogger dashboard and check. But then I realized I'm not even following her blog! I'm not even following Witch Warrior's blog, Friendly's blog, or Valerian Nightbringer's blog, and even more blogs that I read. Oh my goodness the only blogs I'm follwing are Finn & Quinn, Ambrose to Zeke, and Journey of a Young Wizard!

So the Following blogs gained, um, a Follower today:
Sierra's Story
The Diviner's Lane
The Fearless Fire Wizard
The Friendly Necromancer
The Raven's Vault
The Smart Allec Wizard
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards

Congratulations, various fan blogs on your one new follower! XD
So now I'm following 12 blogs.

In other news:

Yep, it's the title of that webcomic Vanessa suggested, and Valerian's it it! :D
And this time I tried out my calligraphy pen to ink over it! I didn't do the best job though. You notice some of the lines on Valerian's head are a little too thick, and Rebecca's kitty cat face is too thick also and I spilled a teeny drop of calligraphy ink on Aidan, so i tried to wipe it of with my index finger, but it SPREAD! Y'know this ink stuff is conentrated it started expading like ramen noodles in a pot of hot water! So that is why Aedan is wearing a shinobi mask under his gi.
   Well next time it wont be so messy :P because since then I think I've mastered the calligraphy pen, thus the webcomic will be a little... cleaner.

Bye now!
-Caroline Dawnrunner

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enter Valerian Seasong

Post Prelude:


Actual post:

Yep. A picture of Valerian Seasong. His name has been tossed around a couple times, but these are the facts: Valerian is twelve years old, he is a free-to-play member, he is a level 9 Apprentice Necromancer, he has open chat, and he is androgynous.

Yep, that's right, Valerian is a girl in real life! His name is Vanessa! XD
As you can probably tell, Valerian wants in on the blog. He wanted in on The Diadem too but I don't have a spot for him really. But he said I could could do a webcomic about him and the characters on the blog alongside The Diadem, so that got me pretty excited! Better put my thinking cap on!
    Well I decided if I wanted to do a webcomic I would want it to take place in-game, so everybody wears wizard gear and stuff. For Valerian, it's not really very fun drawing Apprentice clothing on him, so I'll just draw him in a schoolboy uniform and using Terminus!
    Actually now having  a cast of characters on the blog (Caroline Dawnrunner, Rebecca Duskglade, Cassandra Day, Aedan Thunderpyre, Valerian Seasong) is kind of convenient, because I think in storytelling there's a law about being ABOUT an equal number of guys and girls unless the genre is harem or something.

Keep it cool!
-Caroline Dawnrunner

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cassandra Day and Valerian Seasong Unite!

Yep! These are my two favorte li'l Necros! Follow-up post tomorrow!
-Caroline Dawnrunner

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another New Blog Header

New blog header! Again! Sry I couldn't allow the previous blog header to stay dominant when this one is so awesome in comparison!

Also, I am going to try to post more often! Starting tomorrow! :D

-Caroline Dawnrunner

Monday, July 11, 2011

Manga Confusion!

Look I drew Cassandra Griffindreamer from the Witch Warrior 101 blog! :D
    Kay it's not the best picture of her out there but for my standards it's off the charts! I think she likes this manga called Soul Eater, but I just don't understand that serial. Because one day I was in the public library in the manga section on my daily hunt for Cardcaptor Sakura when I saw Soul Eater on the bottom shelf, where there was a picture of a person who was obviously a witch, sitting on a pumpkin while a girl was holding out a huge Grim Reaper thingy and this guy with white hair was poking out of the Grim Reaper thingy which I think is called a sickle? He was poking OUT OF the sickle! I'm sure of it! Did he get welded into the sickle while it was being made? Plus the guy looked like he was drooling! What's up with that? I am so counfused!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Digitally Colored!

Blog header digitally colored! Isn't it wonderful?
Sry that's all for now :(

Sunday, July 03, 2011


This took me 4ever to draw. Not a lot of people in my 6th grade class could ever draw like this. If you dont like it I'll be sad