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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Finally Bothered

I've finally had my share of victimization to scams and rudeness.
Like today I teleported to Aedan and there was this gut who just started calling Aedan a N00B and a little baby. I didn't really want to hear anymore so I went to my house (also Aedan said he was in Katz lab, but that's a lie because I know for a fact that he is barely out of Hyde Park).

I'm a bystander, everybody.

Now here's something I am actually proud of: Stopping "phony" mount dealers.
There was a girl in the shopping district yesterday (that ol' Mackenzie) who was giving out mounts and a lot of people were interested. Then this Novice started saying, "Mounts for sale!" But there was no way HE was giving out mounts, because he wasn't even on one. I mean, you have to convince people before you got mounts. Me and a bunch of other guys finally got him to teleport away (and start a "phony" mount business somewhere ELSE...dun dun dun). Tip: Trust no level 8 Thaumaturge named Seth who says, "Mounts for sale!" A girl named Mackenzie tricked a lot of people nto giving her cards, and I contributed into stopping that "phony" mount business by telling people what she really wanted. Oh yeah, and Aedan got a permanent mount of his own.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr. Krabs...I Have An Ideaaa

It's true! I have an ideaaaa!
I was playing in the Crucible with Aedan, and all the sudden he became Magus. And I thought, Woah! I should bring him to the Labyrinth or something and see what happens!
Aedan Thunderpyre: Awesome!
Caroline Dawnrunner: Not you again.
Aedan Thunderpyre: Hey thats not nice.
Caroline Dawnruner: Are you having a hard time  C O N T R I B U T I N G With YOUR Google account?
Aedan Thunderpyre: uhh no.

And I also found the secret saxophone button!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Here's the Proof

I found my screenshots from defeating Malistaire! Let's look a them.

 Sorry about the lateness! We met quite some traffic on the road.
 Up In The Air
 Myth Symbol
 You're Going TO THE HOUNDS!
 Is This Some Sort of Soap Opera?
 What A Nice Teacher
So Many Compliments
 Thank You
 So Therefore, I Am #

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Like it? This is a new video series I'm making. I think it's gonna be tight yall! o_o




Thank you so much Jack Frost! I cant show you any pictures because they are all on the other computer.
Anyway, Celestia's gotta be fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Wearing New Pants

Last night Aedan finished Krokotopia. Ya! We did it!

And thx Blaze!

So, now Aedan can be found conversing with the Marleybonian gents.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
AND I got the Life Banshee drop! Ya!

Her name is Lady Oreo and I'm phsyced.
Also, Aedan did a 2,334 damage Kraken on Pike Spiritcrusher, so now he's all cocky.
AND I'm going to tell you bout Anan Thotep!

Anan Thotep invented the first Pyramid. A Pharaoh wanted a grand Tomb, so Thotep made a huge one, then stacked another on top of it. Then another, another, another, until it was a Pyramid. He was later worshipped as a God.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Castles! And Happy Veterans' Day!

Aedan and I each ACTUALLY have a castle now! Yea!

After that, Aedan suddenly couldn't take any more screenshots.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Theurgist, Krokomummy, Cassandra Day and Valerian Sandhand

Let's see...oh yeah, yesterday, the delayed orders came in for Arrow Book Club, so half the class got Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5: The Ugly Truth. The funny thing is, the person sitting next to me has the book, and I glanced over at it, and saw THIS:
You see where it says THE UG? Well, I thought that said Theurgist!

Let's see, what else is in the noos? Oh yeah, Rebecca Duskglade did The Vault of Ice with Aedan, and got the Krokomummy drop! Yea!

His name is Madame Brutus but I'm thinking about changing that.
Lastly, I created a new character: Cassandra Day! You know, like from The School Story?

It's a girl!

Cassandra Day, Novice Necro
And then Aedan created Valerian Sandhand!

It's a boy!

Valerian Sandhand, Novice Sorcerer

P.S. I had a dream last night that I was actually defeating Malistaire on the Live Realm, but instead of him being a Necromancer, he was in one of the Astral schools. Weird.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Storm's Over

This is Aedan.

I had no idea what to do with my blog Riding the Storm, so now it's in the trash bin.

Caroline is letting me be a contributor on her blog now, so thats OK by me. So...ya.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

*Looks Around* Uh, Where's Celestia?

I logged on yesterday and I went to the World Tree, as though in a dream. I tapped the X key. I pressed the right button. I saw Grizzelheim and Dragonspyre -- but no Celestia.

Ever since I got my subscription back awn, the first thing I wanted to do was visit the underwater world for meself. But, I have to do this first:

-Defeat Malistaire
-Finish my side quests
-become a Grandmaster
-go to Briskbreeze Tower
-Defeat General Stormclaw
-Get Aedan to Grandmaster

*crying* XD

I snuck into Celestia late last night, I wanna go to Celestia! yea yea
Yummy Mozarella, and dippin chicken too
Cheeseburger, fries, and soda that is blue
I wanna go to Celestia! yea yea

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Yeh Congrats

Aedan is now the proud owner of his blog Riding the Storm, and he is now a contributor to my blog, and me to his. The funny part is, NOW HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I have a sudden obsession with Bastet the Egyptian Harvest Goddess (and God of cats). Bastet was Ra's daughter (Ra - lvl 58 Balance spell). She was the Goddess of hope n joy n harvest n wisdom n stuff. So this is my analogy of the gods of Egypt:

Bastet = Demeter
Ra = Apollo/Zeus
Horus = Zeus
Isis = Hera
Osiris = Hades

I also noticed that Orisis resembles Irisis. Like, remember in the Tomb of Storms in the Ahnic Family Tomb, you have 2 fight Irisis, the first Queen/Pharaoh of KT? Well, I think she's undead, and Osiris is the God of the Underworld. So...pun.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I'm a member of Diary of a Wizard Friend ConnetX now. I think my only reader is pretty much YOU, Aedan, so people will soon be "discovering" this website. To those discovering people, I say "jolly good day" and ask them to enjoy the websites' fine things, like the storyline, or the video I just made, or the awesome games at the bottom, or the handy up-to-date links I got.

I'm in the Torrence realm, the Oasis.


So? How's my back to the Spiral spree going? Aedan had the time of his life. Like, I took him to the Temple of Storms, and we got to Krokopatra. Once we got into the duel with Krokopatra, I fled so Aedan could struggle with the task. THEN we went to Mooshu, where we got in a fight with the Jade Oni, and I fled! THEN we got into a fight with the Gurtok Demon, and i fled!
   Fleeing could never have been more fun.
   I only wish we had Wizard TV so I could've watched Aedan struggle...It would get loads of hits!
Aedan Thunderpyre: Ahem.
Caroline Dawnrunner: Hey Aedan. How did your fight with the Gurtok Demon go?
Aedan Thunderpyre: *glaring* Oh. oh. Well, I was doing good, and then a Judgment fairy CAME ALONG AND ZAP!!!
Caroline Dawnrunner: Ooh, you watch that temper of yours.
Aedan Thunderpyre: Ha! You shall never defeat me Caroline Dawnrunner!
Caroline Dawnrunner: *casts Orthrus spiked with Mythblade and Spiritblade*
Aedan Thunderpyre:...Maybe next time.
Background: Wamp wamp wamp wamp

SOOOOOOO Busy [*cough* sarcasm]

Well, today Aedan is going to finish Wizard City. I was planning on writing my currently out-of-date two-page story after he finishes. Aedan can't wait to see Krok, though, and I'm dying to move on to Celestia and for Rebecca to finish up Marleybone. At the rate things are going, here's my schedule for the next seven days:

Drama Club
Sax Practice
Wizard101/The Office

Sax Practice

Sax Practice

Hebrew School
Blogging Update
Sax Practice

Sax Lesson

Hebrew School
Sax Practice
Raising Hope

Drama Club
Sax Practice

Drama Club
Sax Practice
Wizard101/The Office
Reading a slob.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Well, you couldn't say it wasn't uneventful.
It was actually really fun.

This is me on AQW:

My character blinked when I snip-snapped the picture (LOL! And to think I do that a lot in REAL life!)

And me on DF:

I'm a Pumpkin Lord XD.

In real life, I was a solicitor for Halloween. I think they're creepy enough to make a Halloween costume.

Like when my family went to see the Statue of Liberty and we were at Battery Park:

Solicitor: I have real Coach sunglasses. *indicates counterfeit sunglasses*
Mom: How much are they?
Solicitor: $500.
Mom: I only have a 5.
Solicitor: OK, real Coach sunglasses for $5.
Mom: Deal *takes counterfeits*
Mom: *whispering* he doesn't know that I have a 20.
Caroline T: That's...nice.

So I went trick-or-treating with my friend Jonny (Grim Reaper) in his neighborhood. I gotta tell you, our house rarely gets trick-or-treaters. Apparently our house looks scary. We live behind our neighbors' house, who don't celebrate Halloween, and our humble abode is behind a bunch of scary woods. We got zero trick-or-treaters last night.
    Well, I spent the rest of Halloween night gobbling Vanilla Tootsie-Rolls and watching Harry Potter on ABC.
    Oh yeah, and some of you may not have heard, but KI has a new site. It's! I played Doodle Doug immediately. My high score is a spot less than 14000.
    I'm going to be back in the Spiral pretty soon. I'm trying to finish my story and help Aedan finish up WC at the same time. It's kinda frustrating if you know what I mean.
Happy Halloween!