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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey, I'm here to talk to you about one of the worst problems we have worldwide (besides apocalypse, Aedan. Yeesh.) which is bullying. Bullying can come from lots of sources. It could be hearing someone talking behind your back, or feeling intimidated by somebody, being physically attacked, or even as simple as saying, "Sorry, I don't want you in my group." Heck, I actually started this blog because I thought a world away from the bullies at school would help me gain more friends online, since I had a reputation for being kind of stupid at school. Actually, sometimes I feel stupid for commenting/getting involved with things online, and when people ignore it.    But still, if you bully someone, you should know that somebody might pretend to be unaffected, but on the inside they are hurt. More sensitive people might cry or throw fits, but is usually want bullies want, so they can feel better about themselves. You might think if you cry the bully will feel sorry for you, but the one time I did that back in 5th grade, the bully didn't even look around. Trust me, bullies can be heartless people sometimes. My mom actually quit her job in the past because she felt intimidated by one of her co-workers. What some people don't realize is that bullying can destroy lives, and cause suicide.
    They say that if you ignore a bully, they'll stop, but bullies will still continue, and their means things to say about you will spread to others. Once I smiled at a girl on the bus, then she turned and told her friend, "Caroline's smile is so weird. She looks like she's cross-eyed!" Also, if you're thinking about making those dramatic outbursts on TV where the victims take control of the situation by telling the bully to stop in a way that makes the bully feel bad about themselves, but seriously, real life isn't like that. The bully will ignore what you have to say if continue discriminating you. What you should really do in this situation is just tell your teacher, the bully's teacher, or the principal. One of these people will at least try to help out the situation, and the bully would be warned about their behavior. In a few states now, there are actually laws against bullying now. If you go to school in one of these states, and you tell an adult about the bully, the person who is victimizing you will definitely be aware of the stain they'll receive on their permanent. You don't have to be brave and heroic to stop a bully, but an adult would usually do anything they can to stop the situation.

    In other news, my mom wants me to design clothing that she can make. Mom's really awesome at sewing; she sells clutches, dresses, and clothing to consignment shops, and she runs a small business. She thinks if I make up clothing with my drawing abilities and she sews it with her sewing abilities, we'd be unstoppable.

Oh yeah, meet Chloe, my cartoon model. Chloe has been dying her hair pink since she was 13 (BTW Chloe is 16), she has green eyes, and she lives for fashion. Chloe is nearsighted and got prescription glasses when she was 8, but usually she wears contact lenses. She is an original character of mine, so she has to wear whatever I draw her wearing. For example:

(Oh, my SAI trial ended, so now I have to use colored pencils and Photoshop. But nooo, it's not the Photoshop you're thinking of, it's the free version people use to doctor up photographs.)
    Well no, this isn't such a great picture, especially since Chloe's left arm looks funny. But, yeah, she's wearing a vest. And that concludes our post.


  1. Nice post! And nice new header!
    I am bullied too. But I really could care less. My mom always says that god is doing this for a reason and he has a plan. Plus I've been being called it for a long time, that it is one of the most popular words I hear that are intended to be said to me. But this year its not as bad. Nice post!
    -Vanessa, cookie malfunction won't let me comment as account

  2. Thank you! The post took me two days to write, for some weird reason. Also, if you get bullied in the future, just walk away, seriously. I've done that before and the bullies usually get cut off in mid-sentence and embarrassed.


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