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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

To All Wizard101 Anime Lovers! (Again)

These are characters in a story I'm working on at school

Now I think this is a BIG improvement on my anime. It's actually all fancy-looking because I photo-shopped it, but the original is just as good.

So you see the difference from last time?

BIG difference. I think I have improved very well. This website Manga University helps a lot. Wait what's the difference between manga and anime? I'll have to look it up.
    Well actually this is pretty cool for me! I'm entering my 7th year of school and I'm already doing quite fine at this!
   Actually I just looked it up on -- Anime is like TV Japanese animation, and Manga is graphic novel JA. Yay!! I'm a Manga cartoonist!!
    Still I can't surpass The Fearless Fire Wizard. Her Manga kicks some serious butt!!

In other news:

Pendragon update: I still haven't finished The Soldiers of Halla! I'm a lazy reader! Gah!!
(But I'm pretty close to the end though ;D)

The Diadem update: Next chapter's called The Betrayal. Can Rebecca and Caroline really trust Aedan?

Gaming update: I'm worried I might never pay in Wintertusk!! Boo-hoo! :(

And this new island came out on Poptropica called Red Dawn island! It's based on The Magic Tree House book Dragon of the Red Dawn. Which is cool because I LOVED the Magic Tree House series when I was younger! I haven't played it yet, but I was watching the trailer and I'm pretty sure you have to go back in time with Jack and Annie and defeat an evil daimyo. Oh yay I know feudal Japanese vocabulary!!

I started playing Neopets again and this time I am determined to succeed in the overall game!

Have fun gaming, reading, and possibly Manga cartooning!

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