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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Diadem: The Kraken Returns by Caroline Dawnrunner

    “Caroline! Get ready for school!” Mom called.
    “Mm…frm,” I mumbled, half-awake.
    “Come on, Caroline!” Mom yelled, a little more forcefully.
    “Get up, Caroline Dawnrunner,” said Brill.
    I snapped awake. “Shut up, Brill,” I muttered.
    Geez, I could barely stand the Phantom of Memories! It’s not like I need reminding about Sylvia Drake’s Diadem every five min—wait, back up.
    Well, about four days ago, me and my best friend Rebecca Duskglade went to the Hedge Maze. That’s on Unicorn Way, where Rebecca lives. Anyway, a sprite went up to us and asked to speak in private. Well, guess what? The sprite wasn’t a sprite. It was really Brill, the Phantom of Memories. See, she wanted Rebecca and I to find Sylvia Drake’s Diadem, which was supposed to have some extraordinary power. Now what I don’t understand is this:

1.       If the Diadem was so powerful, why in the Spiral did Sylvia die? She could’ve just healed herself.
2.       Why did Brill choose us to get the Diadem of Sylvia Drake? I can think of plenty of people who are much more powerful – Mom, Dad, Brill, Professor Drake, Headmaster Ambrose, Professor Wu…any Grandmaster in the Spiral!
    Well, anyways, the day after I was given my mission, I was hoping to find out as much as I could about Sylvia Drake or the Diadem. I thought I would go to Ambrose for a resource and asked about the wife of Malistaire. The Headmaster said that Gloria Krendell used to be a really close friend of Sylvia, so I went to her. Gloria told me that Sylvia used to be the Life professor. When I asked her about a Diadem, she just didn’t understand me.
    Well, the conclusion here is that Sylvia liked to keep her secrets close to her index finger, or maybe Sylvia just wasn’t that close to anybody, but only enough to tell her husband on her deathbed.
    So Brill got this idea that I think this search for the Diadem is so hopeless that I’m going to forget it completely, so she gives me a mental nudge every five minutes. Methinks she could lay off for, I don’t know, a week, because the words ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Diadem’ are practically burned into my mind.
    Anyway, I pulled on my robes, grabbed my wand and spellbook, and, after a few moments of searching, had my pet Bloodbat (Dexter) at my side. I scrambled down the stairs and took my spot at the table, where I consumed my cereal, and I was almost out the door when Mom called, “Wait!” I turned around.
    “You forgot your deck and experience vial!” she pushed these into my hand. “Uh, thanks, Mom,” I muttered, then sped off to Ravenwood. I once again had to stop, because I’d spilled the cards in my deck – Bloodbat, Imp, Golem Minion, Troll, and Leprechaun. I groaned, because now I was late. Then I groaned again, because the yellow mist was there again. And I dropped all my other things, which were now rolling downhill.
    Finally, I made it to the Commons (I lived on Golem Court), and was nearly in Ravenwood when Prospector Zeke yelled, “Fur coats from Grizzelheim! One time only!” and I stopped. I thought, well, I don’t need a winter coat! but then I stopped again. What would happen when winter came? It’s not like I had a coat. when I’d looked in the hall closet on the day after my arrival, I saw two adult-size Grizzelheim capes and a small wolf fur for a baby. So I saw my opportunity to save my parents’ money when winter came. After all, I was rolling in wizard gold after all the monsters I beat up on Unicorn Way and Cyclops Lane. So I marched up to Zeke and bought a fur cape, then went back over to Ravenwood.
    I suddenly realized that I couldn’t just walk into class heaving a fur cape. That would look silly! So I ran back home and deposited the winter coat in the closet. Right then, my Dad came up to me and said, “Hey, Caroline. How was class?” “What—” Oh, great. It was 10:00. Myth class was over! “Oh, yeah, it was great,” I lied. “I, err, learned, Troll Minion!” “That’s great!”Dad said cheerfully. “And, err, now I, err, have to go to detention—Triton Avenue! Yep! Triton! Susie Gryphonbane’s brother disappeared, and she wants me to help her find him.” I said. “Triton Avenue, did you say? I don’t know, daughter. I’d stay away from the people on that side of town.” Dad told me that I was descended from Conjurers with Theurgist side class and Theurgists with Conjurer side class, so my family naturally despises Diviners and Necromancers. Dad thinks it’s great that I hang out with Rebecca, but he disapproves of her Necromancy side class (and so do Rebecca’s parents, both Theurgists).
    I ran off to Myth class and burst in, just as Travis Spelldust was taking his seat for detention.
    I don’t really like Travis. He is one cold Thaumaturge. On my first day in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, I showed up during Myth side class. Professor Drake told me that I had detention. Well, Travis just started laughing like a maniac. He’s been in detention with me ever since, and he reminds me so much of Tracy. I think he bullies me because he doesn’t have any friends. Because he’s weird. And strange. One time, a Pyromancer named Luke Flamefist told me, Travis was just practicing to summon a Frost Beetle in Novice class, when instead; an Ice Phoenix came out of his wand and froze the Fire school. After than happened, Travis just laughed like an insane person. Then Luke and a couple other curious people followed him home, and he just disappeared off of the face of the Spiral for about twenty minutes. Then he reappeared with this crazy grin on his face, like he knew something that no-one else did. And he just disappears after every Ice class and reappears after ten minutes.
    As soon as I stepped through the door, Travis laughed out loud and Cyrus Drake barked, “Caroline! Travis! Attention!” Travis and I both stood up abruptly from our seats. “I want you both to go to the library and research a Wumpus. I will not speak to the both of you until you have come up with a decent report to show to my class tomorrow.” “Got it, sir,” Travis and I said together. Travis put on some sort of mock-salute. Professor Drake glared at him.
    Travis and I walked to the Commons together. “Uh…do you have any background information on this ‘Wumpus’?” I asked nervously. Travis shook his head.
    I felt super uncomfortable walking with him. Everyone was gawking at me and possibly wondering if I was truly going out with the weirdo who froze the Fire school. I just hoped we wouldn’t have to hold hands. I also hoped Rebecca wasn’t seeing this. Luckily, she wasn’t around, so I thought she was probably on Triton Avenue, helping Susie.
    It seemed like forever, but I finally walked into the library and asked Harold Argleston for a book on the Wumpus.
    “The Wumpus? I do not believe I have ever heard of it. And trust me, I know all these books by heart.” The librarian scratched his chin. “Did Cyrus Drake tell you to research the Wumpus?”
    Five minutes flat, Travis and I were in front of the Myth teacher. “I told you not to ask that librarian!” Professor Drake said. No, actually you didn’t tell us this, Professor Drake, I thought. “Well, against my better judgment I give you one last chance,” said Cyrus Drake. “Go to the Hedge Maze and bring back some Truffula leaves. Lady Oriel will be of no use. If you fail, consider looking for a new school.”
    As soon as I entered the Hedge Maze with Travis, I got an idea.
    “Wait one minute,” I told Travis. I stood on top of a Hedge and called out, “Brill!”
    What an easy solution! I didn’t actually ask Lady Oriel for help, and Brill seems to know everything!
    Brill zoomed up to me in sprite form. “Hello, Caroline Dawnrunner,” Brill/the sprite squeaked. “What brings you by?” “Hey Brill,” I greeted. “Do you know where we can find any ‘Truffula leaves?’” Brill/the fairy narrowed her eyes. “Truffula leaves do not exist,” replied she. “I’m guessing your Myth Professor sent you on a wild goose-chase. To keep, you in school, why don’t you get some ‘Truffula’  leaves from Ivan.” “Thanks, Brill,” I said gratefully.
    Fifteen minutes later, I was holding out Ivan’s leaves to Professor Drake while Travis was doing his creepy laugh. The Myth teacher raised his eyebrows. “You have brought me Truffula leaves? Impossible!” I smiled slyly and he frowned. “Well, you’ve proved that you can actually get ahold of Truffula leaves. Now go to Unicorn Way, you two, and wait for something to happen. If nothing does happen, don’t bother coming back to this school.” So Travis and I walked back into the Commons, me wondering if the Fire school took late students.
    I walked into Unicorn Way. As soon as I did, a Unicorn appeared. I was shocked, because I expected a Cyclops or something. But then again, it was Unicorn Way. The Unicorn said in a sing-song voice, “Tell Cyrus that you have my favor. Take care, Caroline and Travis!” The  Unicorn vanished. Travis was doing his insane laugh again.
    “You two say you saw a Unicorn? How unusual. Not many people claim they saw a unicorn. More are more imaginative and will at least say they saw a Troll,” Professor Drake yawned. “Well, I suppose you both can have your spell for your second minion. This one is a Troll. Let’s just hope it doesn’t eat you…” “What?” I asked nervously. My teacher didn’t say anything as he gave me three cards.
 The next day after school, I was grinning, because for once I didn’t get detention. A full day completely free of Travis Spelldust! “What are you so happy about?” Rebecca asked me as we were walking to Triton Avenue. “I…I didn’t get detention today,” I replied. “Well, that’s a stretch,” Rebecca muttered. “So, will you help me with the Kraken?” “Sure,” I said.
    Rebecca and I stood in front of Sohomer Sunblade. “Well…good luck.” Sohomer said uneasily. “We’ll get it done!” Rebecca said exasperatedly. “There’s no need to worry,” I agreed. We stepped onto the teleporter.
    We got off the teleporter and walked into the dueling circle. But something seemed atypical, but I couldn’t put a name to it. “Do you notice anything…strange?” Rebecca asked nervously, reading my mind. “ else is around. There’s usually a ton of people fighting the Kraken. And the Kraken is not here.” “Maybe he took a vacation,” Rebecca suggested. “Or maybe,” a voice behind us growled, “he decided to look before greeting his intruders.”
    Rebecca and I jumped, and I let out a gasp of horror. I remembered a purple monster cornering me on the playground in preschool and screaming, “WHERE IS THE DIADEM, WORTHLESS CONJURER?”
    “We don’t have the Diadem!” I blurted out. “I know you don’t,” the Kraken hissed. “But you will get it for the Cold Master.” “I’ll never give it to you!” I said fiercely. “Oh, you will,” the Kraken growled. He stepped forward and raised his lightning bolt. I ducked just as he tried to zap me. Instead, the teleporter got fried. We were trapped.
    I took out my deck and picked the card on top. Troll Minion. I casted it and now two became three. The troll raised its club, but – ZAP. Fried.
    Now it was Rebecca’s turn. She took out a gold-lined card – it was Spirit Armor. Luckily, it popped up in front of us just before the Kraken attacked again. The lightning bolt hit the shield and it shattered—I didn’t know the Kraken could bestow all that damage in one blow! I quickly took out a treasure card, following Rebecca’s idea, and looked at it – Medusa. Not bad. I cast the spell. Out came Medusa, and she stared her stare at the Kraken. Then she vanished. The Kraken was stunned, but alive. That was weird too. Medusa had done 1000 damage, but the Kraken was supposed to have 512 health! So I checked Mr. Kraken’s health. It was 8000 out of 9000. Even at the Kraken’s current health, that was more than the Jade Oni had!
    While the Kraken was unconscious, we attacked him with as many Treasure cards as we had – Forest Warlord, Efreet, Judgment, Scarecrow, Orthrus – I wasn’t even sure how these had gotten into our deck. By the time the Kraken was fully awake, he had his original health – 512.
    Two different things happened at the same time – I casted a Fire Kraken, which defeated the Kraken, but at the same time, he sent a Leviathan – Rebecca and I being level eight, we were defeated.
    The Kraken was a bit more than defeated. He turned into water and the earth absorbed him.
    Well, Rebecca and I were practically gasping for air. I’d never been really defeated before. I heard that defeated people got returned to the Commons, but since the teleporter was broken, we had to stay here and suffer. And just then, Brill appeared.
    “Apparently two people cannot do the work of ten. Help will be sent.” Brill rang her Balance scales and was gone. My last thought before I went unconscious was that I really, really, really couldn’t handle Brill’s mission. Did the Phantom of Memories feel the same way?

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Chapter three of The Diadem: Help is Sent!


  1. Commenting.

    It's really good and you got me hooked! :)

    One piece of organization, if you ever fully edit this (there were no spelling errors, thanks), but try ti make a new paragraph when a new person speaks. It makes it kind of hard to read when everyone is talking in the same paragraph.
    But besides that, let's pretend all the paragraph are picture-perfect, it's SUPERCALIFRAGALISTICEXPEALIDOTOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would read the other parts now but I have to go somewheres, but i'll try for more weekends.

    Keep writing!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! This was actually done when I was in 6th grade, so back then I didn't know a whole lot about writing, so I didn't know about the paragraphing thing.


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