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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Have u noticed all the fan blogs? Well, I have 3 goals with this site:

1. Get Famous
2. Er...finish the Diadem?
3. List all fansites!!!!!!

And I'm gonna do it. You'll see.

Postscript: Part 2 of The Diadem: The Kraken Returns!

Remember what I wrote at the beginning?

 I knew it was something—like a beginning—in preschool. A scaly, purple monster had cornered me on the playground and screamed, “WHERE IS THE DAIDEM? WHERE IS IT, WORTHLESS CONJURER?” I had squealed “I don’t know!” over and over again while the other preschoolers hollered their heads off. It was when the monster clobbered me with the tip of his lightning bolt when I woke up in the orphanage, where the nurse convinced me there were no purple lightning monsters, although there was still a burn that had never healed on my left shoulder.

Well, let's see what happens.

Possible other chapter titles:

The Bed of Frost    Snow    Ice
An Frosty   Icy Danger   Threat
The Highest Branch    Top  Heart of Bartelby  The World Tree
The Final Defeat     Fight  Duel

Well? Wadddaya think?

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