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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Milestone! And Twinkies!

This first thing is unrelated to the post title, but let's start out with it--

(Click to enlarge, it looks so much better that way. I'm serious. Ho-hum on the outside, awesome on the inside! My blog images are like twinkies!)

Yep! W101 ppl in combat poses! Aedan came over yesterday and we were talking about shounen manga and how the people in it have these cool action poses, so I tried drawing this picture and I wuz very surprised at how it came out! And I did this free-hand mind you! (For some reason I drew Aedan flexing large muscles, which is a big difference from real life, because Aidan (Aedan in real life) is a skinny person. And it's not like he lifts weights or anything. Nope. He plays soccer.
    Otherwise it turned out fine I think

Also, so far my top score in KIgames is: Tier 4! Best score in the world!!! jk

And also:
    The blog has broken a milestone: 10 Public Followers! *party noises*

Lol fror some blogs, not a lot a lot of followers, but for me, I feel kind of happy inside, because ppl are reading.
Of course it's a different story over here:

The other three are following anonymously. That's fine by me, nobody's forcing them to publicly follow.

Here is an idea I had for W101!

1. On the W101 Homepage in the Fun Stuff for the Community, there should be a How-to-Draw thing instead of Coloring Pages. I was really excited about this idea, and was about to publish the post when I realize that wizards just print Coloring Pages out to give to little guys. Still, I like the How-to-Draw thing

Why we SHOULD have How-to-Draw pages:

  • It's fun for people of all ages! You could learn how to sketch in Wraiths, Unicorns, Piggles, Dragons, RW Professors, and more!
  • Would help along the Fan Art page in Community
  • Good for Wizard Fan-blogs who don't draw much...
  • Something to do when you run out of subscription
  • More mature than Coloring Pages (But then again, Neopets does that)
  • Even if KI can't draw the in-game stuff, they could just hire some of the amazing artistic wizard from their official fansites.
Why we should REPLACE Coloring Pages:

  • FWI, W101 is specifically for ages 10 and up. I was born in 1999 so I followed the rules and waited till 2009 January (Of course some one-digit people don't like waiting, but it's not like there's a federal law about it or anything. You guys are fine). Another FWI: Most Preteens these days do not use Coloring Pages anymore. As a preteen entering 7th grade I am no exception.
  • KI doesn't actually spend a lot of time on the Coloring Pages anyway. There are only like 4 drawing to color in, and are entirely unethical to Free-to-Play members of all levels. Trust me, the How-to-Draw thing is a big improvement for everybody.
  • Some younger wizards unfortunately don't have a printer in their house, so they can't really use it for printing the pages. Cuz, you know, they don't have one.
Bye byes for now!
--Caroline Dawnrunner

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