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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Diadem Part 4


So now I have a subscription to Runescape :)
You know, they warn about Mild Violence and Crude Humor in Wizard101, but how about the drinking contest in the Runescape quest 'Fremmenik Trials'? Yeah, that's appropriate for your children. Booze. Yeah, that's a REAL good influence. *cough* sarcasm

And here is your short-awaited next chapter in The Diadem: The Bed of Ice!

    I was being shaken awake by Rebecca Duskglade.
    “Mehh,” I muttered sleepily.
    Rebecca shook me harder. “Get off your lazy bum! I want help in Grizzelheim!”
    My eyes snapped open. The first thing I saw was a sky blue eye staring me in the face. “Come again?”
    “Please help me with Grizzelheim, I’m not gonna do it alone with that pest,” she said.
    “Okay, but you have to help me with the Ironworks after,” I sighed. “But what’s wrong with Aedan? Seriously?”
    Rebecca did not answer.
    I put a foot out of my warm bed and put pressure on the floor. I took out my robes and got dressed behind a divider.
    “So how is Grizzelheim?” I asked Rebecca.
    “We haven’t started yet, but it sounds fun,” Rebecca said. “Aedan wanted to fight Krokopatra, but Grizzelheim is supposed to be really cool, so I wanna do that first.”
    I came out from the divider in my Magus clothing. “I haven’t actually started the Grizzelheim thing yet, so I guess we could make that a thing, you know, adventuring together in Grizzelheim.”
    “Yeah,” Rebecca agreed.
    I hadn’t actually started the Grizzelheim quest, so Rebecca and I stopped at Merle Ambrose’s house for the quest before going to Aedan’s dorm room.
    I knocked on the door when we got to Aedan’s student dorm. The door opened after I’d barely knocked, and in front of me was Aedan Thunderpyre. He had serious bed-head and was wearing indigo footie pajamas. When I looked over his shoulder, the room looked pretty unclean. I saw half a pizza slice sitting on the floor and the bed looked as though it had been ransacked. The agreeing aroma of eggs and bacon was wafting in from the next room.
    “Oh,” Aedan sighed when he saw us. He looked disappointed.
    “What?” Rebecca asked sharply.
    “Nothing, it’s just that I was expecting the exterminator.” Aedan looked behind him nervously. Out from under his bed came a HUUUUUUUUUGE roach. It was slightly bigger than me. You could see its four legs, pincers, and beady black eyes in perfect detail. Rebecca eeped and I ewwed.
    Aedan yelled and ran to hide behind Rebecca. I’m only scared of small bugs because I heard that the black widow, the most poisonous spider in existence, is very small, but a Daddy-Longlegs is quite large and can’t hurt humans with its poison, so I went inside the room and tackled the roach. I took out my Athame of the Sleuth and stabbed it in the belly, so the insect screeched and its eyes closed. At the same time a bunch of pus or roach gut thingies were released from his wound. Aedan eeped and Rebecca rushed to the bathroom.
    “Blech,” Aedan said, covering his nose. “Gross. How am I ever gonna clean this up?”
    “Don’t worry,” I said. I took out my Cleanse Ward card and all the trash got sucked up and everything was put back in its proper place.
    “Aww geez. How can I ever repay you?” Aedan asked.
    “Well, Rebecca wants help in Northguard, so…”
    “Yeah, I’ll help her. Do you want breakfast?” Aedan scrambled to the kitchen and gave me a plate with a Cinnabun, some bacon and a bagel. A glass of orange juice was in his right hand.
    “Oh that’s okay, I just ate,” I said. “That looks really good though. Did you make it yourself?”
    “Cool, do you take cooking lessons?”
    “So it’s natural talent?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “You mean yes ma’am.”
    Rebecca came back from the bathroom. Her hat was in her hands, her hair was tousled, and her breath smelled like rat poo. “Do any of you guys have a breath mint I could borrow?”
    Aedan was taking forever to eat breakfast and get changed for the day. When we asked him why his entire morning routine took forever, he tried to be cute and said, “I used to have a guy for that.”
    Rebecca sighed and told Aidan that at this rate we were going to meet him at Northguard at five o’ clock in the eve-noon, because Rebecca and I both needed to go have lunch and I needed to go to Marleybone for my Crafting class with Felicia Worthington, and Rebecca had a duel scheduled with a guy she had a grudge against.
    So after those things happened, we were standing in Northguard a couple hours later waiting for Aedan to show up. I was playing with my pet Sunbird, Snoopy, while Rebecca rocked back and forward on her feet, checking her watch every few seconds. On her ten-thousandth time-check, Rebecca yelled into the air, “SIX O’ CLOCK!!! WHERE IS THAT GUY!?!?” Several bears craned their heads in our direction.
    “Man, it’s so dull just standing here,” I yawned. “Even the rainbow is no longer pretty now. Hey, can I have some water again? I left my canteen at home.”
    Rebecca unscrewed the lid and poked her eye inside the water canteen. “There isn’t any water left in the bottle. Here, go fill it up by the river.” Rebecca tossed the container to me.
    I strolled over to the river and dunked the bottle into the river. As I was putting the lid back on, I noticed a certain Adept Diviner swimming in the river.
    My impractical pal swam to shore. “Oh, there you guys are,” he said aggravatedly. “I was waiting for like, an hour and a half. Where were you guys?”
    “Oh, just over the rainbow, where the pot of gold was,” I said as though sarcastically. Actually, Rebecca was sitting right near the rainbow next to her Death Leprechaun.
    Aedan emerged from the stream. His purple-and-yellow Krokotopia clothing were all sopping wet. His three-corner Marleybone hat was floating downstream, but he quickly retrieved it and placed it on his head.
    I looked back at Rebecca. She was staring glumly at the First Yardbird. I knew Rebecca would go haywire if she found out that Aedan had been here all this time—swimming—so I told him, “Listen, why don’t you go to your dorm room and dry off?”
    “Alrighty.” Aedan ‘ported to his dorm room. I walked over to Rebecca and said, “Ya know what, I don’t think Aedan’s coming. We should probably just go back to Wizard City.”
    “Yeah, it’s getting late,” Rebecca agreed. We ambled back to the Spiral door.
    “You wanna come to my house for dinner? We’re having angel hair pasta for dinner,” I suggested.
    “That sounds awesome!” Rebecca said enthusiastically. “My parents usually have rabbit food for dinner anyway.”
    Dinner was a wonderful affair. Rebecca rarely ever has pasta before, so my parents received many compliments from her until my mom was blushing pinker than Pinkie-Pie.
    After dinner me and Rebecca went up to my room for homework. My homework is like impossible-hard because my Professor Drake hates me. He tries to give me detention everytime there is a class period. Luckily there won’t be any lesson for me until I ding level 42, but I still had to write a thirteen-page essay before then. Rebecca’s teacher loves her; the Theurgists only get homework when it’s like a lesson review or something. We usually do Rebecca’s first and then mine.
    It was getting really late by the time we finished with homework, so Rebecca decided to crash for the night at in my room. We said good night at eleven o’ clock and I turned out the lights. There was silence for a few minutes. Then—
    “Hey Caroline, you know those schools in Mooshu my parents were looking at?”
    “They’re going to enroll me in one near Kishibe Village.”
    “What do I do?”
    “Go to sleep.”
    I opened my eyes. Looking down upon me was a hooded figure. It saw me waking up, then whispered, “I want the Diadem.”
    “No…go away, I’m sleeping,” I yawned blearily. The hooded figure disappeared.
    And suddenly, my back was ice.
    My body was so cold…I turned over, but now my left side was sub-zero. It twisted and turned, unable to get rid of the cold feeling…

    I woke up sometime later in a chair, a blanket wrapped around me and a steaming mug of hot chocolate sitting across on my family’s kitchen table. Rebecca was sitting across from me, staring at her knees looking all-in. I tried to turn my head, but I felt pain shoot through my body. I groaned and sat back in my chair. Rebecca instantly looked up. Her face was hard to read.
    “Caroline,” Rebecca said shakily. “You need to see this.”
    She led me upstairs to my room and turned on the light. I gasped at what I saw.
    My bed was covered in ice. Black ice.

Next chapter is special so I'm not gonna give away what happens ;)

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