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Story: The Diadem

When Sylvia Drake's Diadem is lost, Brill, the Phantom of Memories chooses Caroline Dawnrunner and Rebecca Duskglade to recover it. It seems easy at first, but a new threat arises...can Rebecca and Caroline find the Diadem before an icy foe grabs it?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Split Personality

As I create characters again for ESO, I give them new names. They look just like my old characters, Ezelle the Ren Ranger and Lissenta the Shenzu Conjurer (Xept for my Yaoh and Mogui characters). So I started playing on my new Ren, Azaillia who is also a Ranger.

The new graphics and outfits in the game are pretty sweet-looking. So is the new Pokari City. And Ren characters are pretty much the humans in the game, because everybody else has strange ears. So when I reached level 5, I switched over to my Shenzu. I decided I would level up all four characters five levels, then level them up five levels again and again. But then a voice whispered into my mind:
You need to be level 75 to access the special classes like Seeker or Pyromancer. Starting from the beginning of the game, how many rounds of upping five levels for characters will you have to do before all your character reach level 75? And how many times total will you have leveled up your characters?
It was my math brain, trying to gain possession of me! My gaming brain fought back relentlessly, but the math brain dominated me. With no chance of stopping myself, I unwillingly wrote:

divided by 5              
My gaming brain would not give in without a fight. It pushed math brain out of the way. Good. I was back in control.

Do see those orange spiky things in Lissomia's hair? Those are not hairthings. Those are her ears. I think the Shenzu are like fairy people or something. I think I liked the original default outfit better too.
At level 5, your character gets new gear. Let's say your character needs 500 experience total to reach level 5. If your Shenzu is level and has 236 xp, how much more experience does your character need before she gets the new gear?
AAAARGGH! The math brain had returned! It caught me in a firm grip and wrenched my hand down to the paper:


The gaming brain had returned to power. With a few gasps, I regained my balance and proceeded to bring Lissomia to level 5. To which I started on my Yaoh.

Migailla, my Yaoh character! She is a Rogue person. That reminded me of my Dragonfable character, who started out as a Rogue. But the Rogue business doesn't go so good on DF. I only advance like 3 levels every day I play it. Actually, I'm trying to get to level 50 beause the dragon at the beginning of the game says you'll meet him in 50 levels. Uggh!
If you determinedly keep going towards the goal of level 50 day and night, but only advance 3 levels every day, and you start out from level 0, how many days shound it take you to reach level 50?
Uh-oh! It was back again! Before I could stop myself, I wrote on the paper:

___10_=_16 2/3__
3 |   50     

The gaming brain was back on! I was so frightened of that vicious math brain, I was almost afraid to go onto my Mogui character.

Searna, the Mogui Hellion! She is a smokin' hot hell-demon person ready for action! Although Mogui characters seem to have it better than the other races in ESO. Their default mount is a motorcycle. So--
The math brain was back! I braced myself for another math problem.
Oh no you don't!
My gaming brain was ready for him. They fought viciously over possession of me. Finally, I felt math's cold fingers close around me.
Bwahahaha I will make you do math for the rest of eternity, and then you will be a financial advisor when you grow up! Muhahaha--
BAM! Math fell back into the shadows. Gaming had returned. The battle was over...for now.

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